A Classic Wedding Venue in Chicago - Stan Mansion Logan Square!

Today, we had the opportunity to meet with Kevin Hjellum down the block at Stan Mansion- a classic venue for weddings, private parties, etc. He was very knowledgable in the industry, and was excited about Fotio's "open air" photo booth concept and vintage look which pairs well with the mansions natural aesthetic. The place was incredible, and it's a Chicago historic landmark. The second floor has an amazing draped alter with vintage charm, and a separate wood twin-bar and lounge area (the bar is original from the 1920's)! The nice thing about Stan Mansion is that you get to choose all of your own vendors- so you can customize the exact experience you want for your special day without unnecessary obligations. Stan Mansion often works with Deborah Weisenhaus, from Art of Imagination, for captivating space design. We took a few photos that barely do the place justice...you really must check this venue out in person!