Fotio's Fall Bride Guide

As we approach Fall, we can't help but think about all the Fall WEDDINGS coming up! We have put together a Fotio Bride Starter Kit by pulling some recent examples of important photos that you will want as part of your big day! Fotio provides a classic, beautiful and quality experience. We want to capture the essence of your BIG DAY! If you have rented Fotio for your wedding and never have done Fotio before, this is especially for you! Make sure to get photos with your MOM, Grandma, Bridesmaids and all of your important girls! Having a photo of just the BRIDE is a wonderful idea. Remember you will be looking back on these photos from years to come! Some of the trends that are really hot right now are Bride and Groom back to back, Bride and Groom showing off their rings! Take full advantage of Fotio while we are there! Time flies when you are having fun! To check out other wedding adventures go to our website

Portrait of the Bride!

The gang is all together! Bride and Groom with their favorite!

Don't forget the littles!

Shot with grandma is a must!

Bride with the groomsman, classic!

Bridesmaids all lines up! So cute!

Dramatic is always perfect for the Fotio photo booth!

Bride with her besties!