Fotio's Annual Halloween Inspiration Post

Halloween season is here! Once the calendar hits October 1st we are thinking about all the Halloween parties here in Chicago. Chicago is bar none one of the best places in the world to be for the holiday! Halloween marks the time of year for change. The trees are changing and the leaves are falling. The warm air moves out and the cooler air moves in. Less daylight and more darkness. The new year is approaching. People of all ages love Halloween. For one night a year we can transform into our perfect heart's desire. Everyone gets to choose an alter ego or a super hero. We love the mystery and magic of the season. Over the years we have collected so many costume memories. There is something extra special about Halloween in the city! Maybe it is the anonymity, the crisp fall weather or the up all night aliveness that only happens in a city. Isn't it the truth that we all liked to be scared a little bit? Down below we have picked out some of our favorite spooky moments from our archive. BEWARE!


Dia de los Muertos inspired costume!

Star Wars storm troppers in Chicago at the Adler Planetarium!


Prom Queens

Horse costumes!

Love Birds!

Prom Queen costume

Elvis sostume!

Roaring 20's costume

Mystery Men

Mystery Men




Rockstar costume!

Flight Attendant costume

Studio 54 costume

Studio 54 costume

Cuban babes!