Bridgeport Art Center - Urban Event Space Meets Interdisciplinary Arts

We had a great meeting with our friend Jay Strommen and Event Manager Jim Boardman at the Bridgeport Art Center on Thursday. Jay makes some seriously amazing ceramic works, and he's an incredibly zen and down to earth guy. Jim is not only the event manager at the Bridgeport Art Center, but also a Managing Partner at Venue Logic Chicago. If you are having a party of any kind and want to find the perfect venue for your event, Jim is the guy to ask!

Now on to the Art Center itself. It's located in the old Spiegel Catalog Warehouse - a historic building from 1911. The place is HUGE and downright breathtaking with its beautiful woods floors, exposed brick, massively bright skylights, and urban vintage vibe. Every corner we turned we saw fantastic possibilities for Fotio back drops! The test shots are elegant and simplistic- we used the long draping curtains on the first floor. Check out some of the samples below!

Jim Boardman posing for a photo!

Theresa McMullen posing.

Artist Jay Strommen takes some Fotio shots too!

Jay Strommen goes in for a close up!

Having fun taking self portraits.

Jim and his prized cow.

Bridgeport Art Center crew posing with prized cow!